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35 years together - Renewal

Welcome to Barack Resort!

You don’t recall the name, yet the locations seem familiar? Yes, you can believe your eyes! Everything that we have been carefully nurturing and developing for the past 35 years is brought to you with a brand new design! Only our name and looks have changed. Everything behind that — the substance, our values and spirit remain the same!

The special occasion inspiring the change was our jubilee that we celebrate this year. The Szabó family has been part of the life of the complex for 35 years. It was 35 years ago that the head of the family took over the management of the catering.  Today, we offer multiple types of accommodation and catering facilities, a wide range of services and many different activities to welcome those, who wish to relax and heal.

There is so much going on here in one place that we wanted to simplify things for our guests: bring together under a single name and present as a single product everything that belonged together already. So from now on, this will be clear for those as well, who haven’t visited us yet.

Remember: the same hospitality and familiar atmosphere welcomes you still! The Szabó Family guarantees you that! They welcome you in Barack Thermal Resort with the same attitude and care.

What do the new changes hold in store for you?

You can now find all information in one place, so selection and decision making will become simpler and easier.

You will quickly find what you’re looking for, with just a few clicks!

You can comfortably browse our state-of-the-art website on any mobile device.

Unlimited adventures

More than 5,000,000 guests

More than 3,500,000 m3 thermal water

26 beach football championships

More than 100 celebrity performers

Many litres of cooling, freshly drafted beer

Thousands of amazing sand castles

Barack Resort - Then and Now

It gives us a strange, tingling sensation to look back at the beginnings. They seem both unbelievably distant yet surprisingly recent, because all memories live on so vividly in our minds as if they only just happened yesterday. Not only do we feel this way, many of guests do too, who come back to us year after year.

In 35 years whole generations grew up in front of your eyes. Many of our regular guests were only children when they visited us for the first time and they now bring their own children here on holiday. Romances blossomed and lifelong relationships developed in our resort. In this way we are also a little bit part of our guests’ lives and that is a heart-warming feeling.

The Szabó Family, who runs the spa, also lived their lives here. Éva and Attila, who are Managing Directors today, ran around these very same places as a child, they grew into their jobs.

More than three decades later the place is almost unrecognizable. What used to be a small bath with a few pools, has been extended with many more pools, modern services and the Szabó Family built a whole spa complex around it. One idea came after the other and ideas were followed by action. The end result is the multi-functional complex that now welcomes guests under the new name of Barack Thermal Resort.

All this happened to us, year after year


Drilling of the first (K70) thermal well, later called István kút (István well), which is a stable source of our thermal water.


Opening of the Thermal bath in Tiszakécske with the Agricultural Cooperative’s investment.


Covering of the pool that has been open-air up until that point.

1984 – 1992

The future owner, István Szabó and his wife, first work as restaurant managers, then later as bath managers in the Cooperative’s bath.


The Szabó Family rents the bath and the open-air pool is built.


The open-air pool receives its “crown jewel”, a slide that is considered “gigantic” at the time.


The Szabó family buys the spa.


Modernisation of the five outdoor pools.


Construction of a jacuzzi in the swimming pool area.


Building of the modern sanitary units of the camping.


A new entrance is built to provide higher standards in welcoming the guests.


Building of thirteen fully equipped, modern Thermal Apartments.


Drilling of a new thermal well (ÉVA kút - Éva well) and introduction of new spa services, subsidized by the national health insurance.


Construction of a new indoor relaxing area, building of the medical centre, sauna and adventure pool.


Building of a modern playground to accommodate different generations.


Due to an increased demand for accommodation, establishment of a new form of accommodation: Barack Thermal Hotel & Spa.


Development of the plots, streets and public lights in the camping, installation of shade sails above the thermal and baby pools.


Opening of the latest type of accommodation, of our twelve Natura Apartments, development of the thermal restaurant and café.


Development of the aqua bar, construction of sunbathing areas, outdoor paving, addition of sun loungers and shade sails.

From our regular customers

“Dear Spa Operator, We have been coming to your establishment with my family for about 30 years. We started camping with a camper 3 years ago, and your campsite has become a regular place of ours. The camping staff is helpful and polite. We love the spa. Keep up the good work!”

Greetings, László Tóth and his family /2016/

“Dear Tisza-parti Thermal Spa, We have been returning guests with my family for years. We have spent several weekends at your spa during this hot summer too. I have not written in the guest book before, but I would like to thank you now for the many great experiences you provided us with, through your colourful activities. We were in the spa yesterday too and we had great fun! Pápai Joci’s concert was awesome. It is true that there were many people in this heat but everything was still up to the usual high standards. The pools were very clean (which unfortunately is not the case for many other baths). Your fried hake and sour-cream-cheese lángos have no match! We like coming to Tiszakécske because there are many pools and the activities are really good, yet prices are still affordable.”

August 2017

“Dear Management, Dear Employees, We have been coming to the Thermal spa in Tiszakécske for years with my partner (sometimes also the three of us, with my little son as well). We have become quasi regulars because we are fully satisfied with the services. The staff is extremely nice, helpful and cheerful. The bath area is sparkling clean. We would especially like to highlight Zsuzsanna Pápai sauna master’s enthusiastic, kind, magical personality and her fantastic sauna séances! Thank you for welcoming us regularly. I wish you all the best:”

Kata Varga (February 2018)

“We have been coming to Tiszakécske for 42 years. We really like to spend time here. The spa is family friendly, pleasant and has undergone a lot of development. Circles of friends have formed here, your selection is good, the cleanliness is fine, the staff is nice. We don’t wish to go anywhere else. I hope that nothing will change.”

Imréné Szalai

“Dear Management, I’m a mother with a family but I have been coming here since my childhood. Even as a child, I always left this place with great new memories, but during the past years/decades :) the whole bath and the entire complex has undergone significant development. My favourite is the circular outdoor pool, only a few facilities heat the adventure pools to an adequate temperature. The sour-cream-cheese lángos is an absolute hit for both my daughter and I. A few years ago we stayed in one of the apartments, which was very clean and fully equipped with everything. Then last year we booked a room in Barack Hotel, which was absolutely lovely and the cooking was great. We used the Rózsabarack sauna in the wellness facility and what we really liked was the relax room with its floor covered in Tisza river sand, with soft music playing in the background. I was happy to see that new sun loungers and sunshades were installed. I hope that we will have the opportunity to come here again!”

Németh family (2019)

Celebrate with us!

We are proud of our round anniversary and that we can celebrate our 35th birthday together with so many regular customers, with such a supporting, enthusiastic team and so many good friends. Like a real, big family. The Barack family.

The whole year will be dedicated to our 35th birthday, so it is worth checking our website and Facebook page frequently! We prepared for many activities, lots of surprises, thematic events and sweepstakes for the celebration. Because what is most important for us is to share our success with all those who have contributed to it, that is, with you.

We owe an overwhelming debt of gratitude to all our guests and every one of our colleagues.

Thank you!

Current programs

Barack Thermal Resort
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