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Thermal water of Tiszakécske

Thermal water is a gift from the Earth

The soft, medicinal thermal water, which flows to the surface in the area of our bath, comes from 1344 meters deep. It has a high fluoride and sodium hydrogen carbonate content and is 52 °C warm. It is primarily used for the treatment of musculoskeletal and gynaecological diseases. Our guests have been enjoying the benefits of the medicinal water since 1984.

Thanks to its high mineral content, our medicinal water is extremely effective. You will see, after a few sessions, you will also start to believe again in the healing power of nature and the self-healing processes of the body!

Due to its strong effect, it is recommended to stay in the medicinal water for a maximum of 30 minutes at a time.

Our medicinal water contains the following valuable minerals:

Components of the medicinal water / Water composition mg/l
Potassium K+ 7.3
Sodium Na+ 580
Ammonium NH4+ 12.6
Calcium Ca2+ 6.2
Magnesium Mg2+ 3.9
Iron Fe2+ 0.04
Lithium Li+ 0.04
Total cations 610
Chloride Cl- 64
Iodide J- 0.12
Fluoride F- 3.0
Sulphate SO42- <26
Hydrogen-Carbonate HCO3- 1647
Sulphide S2- 0.32
Phosphate PO43- 0.25
Total anions: 1740
Metaboric acid HBO2 9
Metasilicic acid H2SiO3 49
Carbondioxide CO2 47
Total 2455


It is excellent for the following illnesses:

  • rheumatic disorders
  • arthritis
  • skeletal and spinal diseases
  • rehabilitation after surgery
  • post-treatment after accidents
  • gynaecological diseases
  • gastric hyperacidity (in the form of drinking cure)


In these cases the use of the medicinal water is not recommended:

  • serious cardiovascular diseases
  • acute, inflammatory diseases
  • cancer and tumorous diseases
  • severe hypertension
  • infectious diseases, fever
  • pregnancy

Our special wellness treatments

Refreshing massage

This massage is done with a Swedish massage technique. It has a relaxing, revitalizing effect on tissues and muscles.

Tisza Barack thermal treatment

Apricot body mask with a refreshing body massage. We use our own thermal water for the wellness treatment. Its healing effect is activate already at the cellular level.

Barack Thermal Resort
6060 Tiszakécske, Rózsabarack tér 2.
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