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Tisza-parti Fürdő

Ticket prices

Lots of fun for a great price, until 8 PM!

Full day tickets Ticket prices
Adult's daily ticket 3 800 HUF/person
Daily ticket for children under 3 years FREE OF CHARGE
Children’s (3-14 years) daily ticket 3 300 HUF/person
Pensioner daily ticket (from 62 years and above, must show pensioner card or invalidity card) 3 300 HUF/person
Family ticket ** (2 adults + 1 child) 9 500 HUF
+ additional tickets for children (3-14 years) together with a family ticket 2 800 HUF/person
Daily ticket for residents of Tiszakécske — must show certificate of domicile* 2 800 HUF/person
Group ticket (above 20 people)*** FREE - bus driver + tourist guide Ask for an individual quote

Try our Sauna World, a unique experience in the area!

Afternoon tickets Ticket prices
Adult afternoon ticket (after 4 PM) 3 400 HUF/person
Children’s (3-14 years) afternoon ticket (after 4 PM) 2 900 HUF/person
Pensioner afternoon ticket (after 4 PM) 2 900 HUF/person

Sauna tickets Ticket prices
Sauna World daily ticket (from 3 years of age) 2 500 HUF/person
Sauna World ticket for 10 occasions 22 500 HUF/person
Sauna séance (includes 2 infusions - not possible to split them up) 2 000 HUF/person
Sauna evening (3 infusions) 3 000 HUF/person

Other information

*We provide for residents of Tiszakécske, who can prove with a certificate of domicile by showing it at the ticket office, that they have a permanent address in Tiszakécske, a discounted daily ticket to the bath, on every day of the week. The discount is valid until revocation.
**The following persons are entitled to use the family ticket: 2 adults (married, registered partners or cohabiting partners)
+ 1 child (between the age of 3-14). An additional children's ticket can only be purchased as an addition to the family ticket.
***For group tickets above 20 people the group discount for the tickets will be evaluated individually. In this case, please notify your arrival in advance or ask at the ticket office for our colleague in charge.

10-ocassion passes are valid for 1 year.

Plan ahead, spare your wallet and safeguard your health!

Other tickets in the spa Ticket prices
Adult ticket for 10 occasions 34 200 HUF/person
Children’s ticket for 10 occasions 29 700 HUF/person
Pensioner ticket for 10 occasions 29 700 HUF/person
Monthly ticket for swimming (after 4 PM) 45 000 HUF/person
Daily ticket for slides (for 1 day) FREE OF CHARGE
Use of sun loungers FREE OF CHARGE
Exit ticket 700 HUF

We accept the following forms of payment in our spa:

  • cash
  • bank cards*

Additional information:

  • * We accept MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic, Maestro and Visa Electron bank cards

Ongoing discounts and programs

Barack Thermal Resort
6060 Tiszakécske, Rózsabarack tér 2.
+36/76/441 363