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Sauna etiquette

Sauna etiquette

Not only decency, but also our health requires that we keep a few basic rules when using the sauna. Hungarians aren’t a “traditionally” sauna-using nation, so it is understandable that not everyone is familiar with all this. With the sauna etiquette hereunder we would like to help those, who do not use a sauna very often.

What is acceptable and what is not?

  • Before and after the sauna, showering is always a good idea
  • Please use a towel or a sauna sheet in the saunas and in the sand bath
  • Please enter the sauna cabins barefoot
  • Do not disturb other sauna users with loud chatter or by using a phone
  • Please do not bring any fragile objects (such as a glass, plate, small mirror, etc.) into the saunas
  • Please do not consume any drinks or food or alcoholic beverages in the saunas and do not use the sauna if you are under the influence of alcohol
  • Showering is recommended before the use of the dipping pool

What helps and what disturbs the sauna experience?

  • It is best to take a shower before using the sauna then to dry your body with a towel
  • It is not recommended to use the sauna after eating or when you’re hungry
  • Do not forget to rehydrate after using the sauna. Non-carbonated mineral water and juice are the best for this purpose.
  • Do not “suffer”, do not spend excessive time inside! Always only stay as long as it still feels pleasant
  • Saunas are not recommended for people with fever
  • Saunas are not recommended for people with inflammatory or infectious diseases
  • After using the sauna, rest for 20-30 minutes
  • Children under the age of 14 can only use the saunas under the supervision of an adult

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